Thursday, December 10, 2009

Breaking Out is Hard to Do

This is my first official blog post! I am pretty excited about it, but not quite sure what to write here. I have started this in an attempt to further my business following on the advice of some more established entrepeneurs I have been following, so we will see how it goes. As you may or may not know, (depending upon if more than my family and friends are reading this) I have recently started my own business in the hopes of being able to stay at home with my children and actually earn a living at the same time.

I have been making things all my life, from art to crafts to clothes to-you-name-it-ill-try-it, and I think I may have finally found the products that I can get passionate enough about to be truly successful. What are they, you ask? Well, check out my website to see them! http:// I have started with re-finishing and hand painting furniture pieces i found at garage sales, craigslist, salvation army, etc, and moved on to making designer pillows and home accessories like table runners, blankets, etc. I have also started selling them on Etsy, check out my store here:

Everyone has been telling me my products are beautiful, but so far not much luck actually selling them. This is the part I have always struggled with. I can make it, but can I make money? I just hit a wall the minute it comes to this and I just don't know what to do. My husband tells me I just need to hang in there until I get "discovered", but I know that this will never happen without some help from me. So... the real question becomes, how to I break out in this world? How do I put myself out there when it seems like everyone else has already been doing it for longer, or better, or cheaper? I am determined to see this through, however, so wish me luck!

So, I need to wrap this up now, but I will be posting more soon!

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