Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Help the Red Cross...Continued

Many many thanks to those of you who helped with my effort to aid Japan in the aftermath of the terrible earthquake and tsunami. To date I have been able to donate $140.00 to this effort and I would not have been able to do even that without the help of my generous customers. (Not to mention they have helped me reach the front page of Etsy- no small feat, I might add.) In light of recent terrible destruction in our own country at the hands of tornadoes, both in Joplin, MO and across the south, I have decided to dedicate $10.00 from every sale of my red cherry blossom pillows to the Red Cross indefinitely. I am looking for other ways to help out those who have been affected, and will update as soon as I decide what is the best way to offer my assistance. Thanks again!

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